A Patricio Reig project at the MIA Photo Fair

This year 5 Continents Editions is once again taking part in the MIA Photo Fair, held in Milan (March 22–25, 2019) but with an international outlook. The project at the centre of the show is the Argentinian photographer Patricio Reig’s Pinhole | Slow Photography.

Patricio Reig’s pinhole images, small portable camera obscuras, capture a highly personal view of reality, depictions that at times acquire a dreamlike quality. A reflection on the time that connotes the creation of a photographic project, so a reflection on today as much as anything. In a historical period characterized by its obsession with speed, which often shows no mercy even to the subjects we point our lens at, Reig concentrates his creative energy on photography’s etymology, lending real meaning to “writing with light.” This is what confers power to the landscapes, architecture, and everyday objects on which his gaze is aimed, dedicating slow, measured time, both in terms of taking the picture and in the development process.

The pinhole thus enables the photographer, and especially the observer, to become fully aware of what photography actually is, to explore its potential for recording reality, as well as to have a clear idea of the by no means negligible difference between making “drawings with light” and creating simple digital pictures.

Date: 22/03/2019 - 25/03/2019